Rev. Syung Myung Me (revme) wrote in youshouldhear,
Rev. Syung Myung Me

Al fans

In celebration of Weird Al's new record coming out today, over at my VOX blog, I posted one of the originals from the album, "Virus Alert". So, go check it out!
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That is so very cool! I'm really looking forward to this album ... I ordered it from Amazon down in the States, since it won't be released up here for a bit (and in a different version with less content), so I think I'm perfectly justified in downloading anything I can find of it today.

Hmm ... do you think he was going for any particular "style of" in this one? It's a little Queenish in the harmonies ...
I dunno - I can hear a little bit of Queen, but I'm really thinking it might be Sparks. But the lack of much falsetto makes me wonder if it is indeed Sparks, since that's sorta their thing. But it does have the fast/complex lyrics which is another Sparks thing, so...
Yeah, I can see what you're thinking from the music, but he could have done a LOT to make the vocals more Maelesque, if that's really what he was going for. It could be a combination of things -- he doesn't always go for one particular group when he's doing his originals ...