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Various Artists

A wonderful idea! (they released albums this year?)

some things that happened to me musically in 2006.

Lets start with the conversions:
years ago I was introduced to tango music through Astor Piazzolla. I hated it. Turns out I just don't like Astor Piazzolla, I love the rest of it though.
Carlos Di Sarli y Alberto Podestá - Al compás del corazón

I was always one of those sorry fools who replied with "everything but rap and country!" when people asked me what kind of music i liked. This year i finally decided that buying Busta Rhymes, Puff Daddy, and The Roots CD's in high school wasn't enough of a chance to give rap. I've been enjoying early 80's hip hop lately.
The Rake - Street Justice

Country I never really gave a fighting chance at all. But now, much like rap, the classics delight, and also the more polished 50's style too.
Dezurik Sisters - Go to Sleep My Darling

Like many listeners I was enchanted with the gentle singing and romantic horns of Al Bowlly and Ray Noble in movies like The Shining and Amelie, but it wasn't until this year that i threw myself headfirst deep into 20's and 30's jazz.
Bert Ambrose - Good Evenin'

aaaaand my favorite new genre, Neue Deutsche Welle. mostly a combination of New Wave and Punk, exploring this era of german (and Belgium and French) music has been the more fun and rewarding than exploring any other movement. (In a bit I'll post a whole mix of some of my favorites on my journal proper.)
Tommi Stumpff - Ich will gewinnen EDIT Ignore this mediocre song, the mix is up! here

But the biggest addition to my music repitoire was my building of my italian 60's cinema soundtrack collection. Mostly for gialli (sexploitation/horror/spy type movies) or spaghetti westerns, the sounds are light, airy, sexy, suave. they are also mostly instrumental or lyricless, so this song is perhaps not the best example, but it is catchy!
Bruno Nicolai - Love Love, Bang Bang (main titles)

sorry to say, these aren't my favorites of the year, but to actually try and choose those would be like asking a calculator to divide by 0.
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