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That WIki Thing!

So, unless yer a jerk, you probably saw monkeyman's mention below about the Music Wiki! Which is pretty cool, and thanks for that mention and all!

Anyway, it's here. The main idea for it is to be a clearing house of bios and reviews (more of the latter) of artists, records and songs (along with genres and other suchlike and so forth as well, and, well, just general posts as we've got a Sidebar Article section, where we've got a stately and impressive TWELVE WHOLE ARTICLES! (whoo!)

The thing that kinda is my Prahd an' Jo-ah is the Mix CD section, which is a big, cross-referenced list of people's Mix CDs, along with the artists and tracks they use, with the idea that it'd just be a big Liner Note Clearing House Type Thing. So, with, say, popular songs that appear on Mixes (f'rinstance, Chick Habit seems to comee up an awful lot, seeing as it's wicked rad), you could see what everyone has to say on a track.) Or, y'know, just general comments on songs are fine, too. And, I tend to take a view where No One Should Delete Anything That's Not Junk Ever, so, if you wanna go "OH MAN THIS SONG IS TERRIBLE AND THE ARTISTS SHOULD BE EXECUTED BY THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE THIS HORRIBLE TRIPE AS THEIR PUNISHMENT FOR LIKING IT", that's a-OK by me, too. (But, y'know, try to be at least a little eloquent, eh?)

As for the mixes, I'm pretty laid back on what consitutes a mix -- for example, there's lots of just straight MP3 postings-listed-as-mixes, too, so feel free to archive the stuff you write for here (or other blogs, whatever!) there, also! (A few examples of these.)

And, like monkeyman said, if folks who participated in the last CD Exchange Go-Round want to, I'd be happy to convert the tracklistings into wikipages for you, or, you can read basically a quick way to do so here, since that's basically what I'ma gonna do. Either way. (Make sure you use the Mix CD template first! Just type {{subst:Mix CD}} in a blank page, save it, then re-edit the page and you'll be golden. There's also other templates for just about every page. There's a list of them on the Main Page of the wiki, but they're pretty obvious; "Artist", "Album", "Song", "EP", "Single", "Compilation", "Soundtrack", "Label", "Genre". Probably a few more.)

Anyway, though -- yeah -- check it out, and feel free to ask me any questions on getting started; I'm a big fan of the Wiki Concept, and I like it when other people go there too and check stuff out. The cool thing is, too, just being able to bounce around and look at all the stuff, all inter-connected and everything.

Might as well post this now. I'll have music later!
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