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Fake soundtrack: Zombie Movie

Alright, long story short: for some other music forum I decided to score a make-believe zombie movie. it might be cheesy, but it was fun to make. because that other music forum is pretty lame and I thought I'd share it with you'all to make it more worth my while. I encourage other people to do the same lame mix idea!

Software Seduction - New Collision
[Opening pan of city, mankind viewed as ants in helocopter flyover]. it has that pulse of a metropolis type of sound, with mildly spooky flourishes in the song and vagually foreboding lyrics, but mostly I just think the song is awesome, no sign of zombies yet.

Deadcats - Zombie Hula
[playing in car radio at some point] Everything is still normal, campy song played in movie not dubbed over, cheeky wink at the audience type deal.

Colin Potter - For All You know [first sightings of zombies on the street] Maybe is a little too standard fare, but moodsetting nonetheless.

Nine Inch Nails - The Day the World Went Away (still version) [random interspersing of instrumental parts throughout movie] Though the lyrics work ambigiously with the Zombie apocolypse, really the parts in which he isn't singing i would use. Nine Inch Nails has a lot of great zombie songs, notably "Where is everybody?", "the Big Comedown", "the mark has been made", "the Wretched", "we're in this together", "the beauty of being numb" etc. I couldn't resist putting one more NIN song in later.

Coughs - Motherfuckers [zombie attack!] yeah, zombie attack.

Azymuth - Zombie [scene with protaganist and other survivors making there way across a dancefloor filled with zombies. strobe lights and music still inexplicably playing, because, hey its a movie] seemed more tasteful than the admittedly more funky but also political "zombie" by Fela Kuti.

Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming [one of the charcters is slowly changing into a zombie, maybe we view this from first person perspective zombie-o-vision] yeah I warned you there would be more NIN. pretty much a perfect I'm-turning-into-a-zombie song.

Svarte Greiner - Easy on the Bones [nighttime waiting, by now our protaganists have made it to the countryside and are holed up somewhere] I wish i had included more atmosphereic songs like this, but this one wins the #1 spot for sounding like theres actually a zombie trying to get inside the recording studio.

Bing Crosby - Shadows on the Window [girlfriend of main charcter goes outside of cabin to fetch something, her ankle gets caught in between some rocks and boyfriend watches paralyzed in horror as she is killed by a lone zombie] ahh here's my "ironic song". boyfriend watches silhouettes of girlfriend and zombie from a window in their cabin hideaway. for maxiumum effect, have zombie do killing grab and bite on the line "I seem to trace/ a tender embrace/kisses that end with a sigh" with her screaming on "sigh".

The Go Getters - No Brakes [car driving music option #1] Running over zombies.

Ronnie Dawson - Action Packed [car driving music option #2] maybe they aren't running them over but clotheslining them with weapons out of their car windows.

Goran Bregovic & Iggy Pop - In the Deathcar [car driving music (introspective)] In the deathcar we're alive.

Malaria! - Your turn to run [Man strikes back at the zombie menace] or alternative use is person who had perviously had a chance to help our protaganist, but instead left him to die, is now the one being left to die.

Tall Dwarfs - The Brain that Wouldn't Die [end credits]

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Just letting you know that I downloaded Software Seduction, Bing Crosby and Svarte Greiner [I would download more, but I have stupid dial-up]
and I have to say that I've heard my share of creepy music, but that track by Svarte Greiner is definitely one of the top creepiest. I love it :]
Thank you for sharing!