Regina Savage (drunken_nights) wrote in youshouldhear,
Regina Savage

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Pamplemousse Diaries

Hey there.

From time to time I've been using this community to share with all of you some of my own band's music. Hopefully I'll have more to post soon. In the meantime however I can share this with all of you. This is a video that we shot for our song "Daybreak". It was shot in various locations in and around Peterborough, Ontario. The basic story is as follows: five friends really love a certain band. So they all go out to the bar and have drinks and hang out with the band, generally having a pretty friggin' good time. At the end of the night, the five friends go their seperate ways, and get up bright and early the next morning to see their favourite band rocking out in their pyjamas. Enjoy!

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That kicked ass!
Heh heh, glad you enjoyed it!