Deej (monkeyman) wrote in youshouldhear,

I will not allow this group to die! And, other question ...

Just popping in here, because I refuse to let this idea die! I hope everyone's having a great October ... what've you been listening to? Why not drop the group a post and let us know! Or better yet, send a file or two our way. ;)

I did have a question, though. I had a really freaky idea for a mix CD, and I'm looking for other songs in this theme. What I was thinking about were self-referential songs where the band is singing about itself. Not just in a "Hey, hey, we're the Monkees" way (though that would fit, and I may use it) -- but where they actually introduce all the members of the band, give them a chance to sing a line or two, etc. Right now I can only think of two:

"Freezepop Forever", Freezepop
"This is Cracker Soul", Cracker

... but there have to be more. Any ideas? I'm just really tickled by this kind of thing, and I thought I might compile a mix of similar stuff. And yes, if I have to, I'll put the Monkees on it as well ...
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