Mary Anne (supermary) wrote in youshouldhear,
Mary Anne

More music!

Hurry, before the yousendit link expires :)

Sérgio Mendes - Mas Que Nada

Paralamas do Sucesso - Meu Erro

Classic Tragic Hero - Jewel (The Magical Dog)

The first one is one of my favorite songs right now, the second one is a rather old brazilian song that I just adore... it is such a good band! and the third one is just a song that cracks me up :)

P.S. Can we request song types? If so... any requests? :D

Also, can we post sites where you can find good music or just links straight to the mp3s?

EDIT: MP3 Version of Paralamas do Sucesso - Meu Erro It might act a little funny but it does work, really... It worked for me anyhow...
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