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Various Artists

A film and stage star during pre- and post-World War II Japan, Kasagi Shizuko (or Shizuko Kasagi if you prefer) performed songs done primarily in the style of American jazz and the modern music at the time. Most her songs were written by Ryoichi Hattori, the man who introduced blues to Japan (even today american blues is a popular genre in Japan, I'm told). Well he introduced the word "blues" to Japan anyway with his song Wakare no Blues. More to the point, when i listen to this song, i feel like im in a rainy Japanese city, ducking into a nighclub and seeing a bedazzling show with beautiful girls doing choreographed dancing on stage. yeah sure, kinda like this

Kasagi Shizuko - St. Louis Blues

Colin Potter is most famously a behind the scenes engineer with Nurse With Wound and Current93, but he also releases his own music from time to time. Here's a track from the compilation series Insane Music for Insane People. a more interesting series than for instance: Now thats what I call music.

Colin Potter - I Am Your Shadow

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