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hallowe'en mix - done!

my mix cd is ready to be sent out tomorrow to misslynx.

my mix track listing:

1 lament for a toy factory - dr steel
2 cannibal corsets - the v-twins
3 zombie nation - miss kittin and the hacker
4 poltergeist - hocico
5 hallowe'en theme (terror mix)
6 to the devil a donut - king of woolworths
7 killing game - skinny puppy
8 laughing bloody murder - cinema strange
9 halloween - jason webley
10 halloween - misfits
11 edward scissorhands main title theme - danny elfman
12 lindsay's trachea - cinema strange
13 the soul that creates - skinny puppy
14 willy wonka theme - marilyn manson
15 stagger lee - nick cave
16 dawn of the dead - murderdolls
17 ghostbusters - new found glory
18 the rave by edgar allan poe - christopher walken

i hope you like it!
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