ailas (aila76) wrote in youshouldhear,

Happy Hollyween (Sorry About The Awful Pun)

So, my mix disc for the exchange, is ready and will be sent out in a matter of mere hours! Since everyone else is doing it, I thought I'd post my track listing here. This is for Holly by the way, I'm not sure whether she's on LJ or whatnot, but here's a cut in case she doesn't want to be spoiled...

01) Trick Or Treat- Nekromantix
02) The Ghouls Go West - The Moon-Rays
03) Secret Vampires - Bis
04) Pagan Holiday - The Real McKenzies
05) Sympathy For The Devil - Union Avenue
06) Target:Draculon - The Ghastly Ones
07) Boris The Spider - The Who
08) The Wizard - Madness
09) Beowulf (I Am Deformed) - Momus
10) Buried Alive - Visqueen
11) Werewolves Of London (Live) - Warren Zevon
12) Plummet Into The Vortex - The Sacred Truths
13) Hugry Cannibals - Radio Birdman
14) Genocide - Guitar Wolf
15) Billy's Bones - The Pogues
16) The Little Black Egg - The Night Crawlers
17) Something's Gone Wrong Again (Live) - Buzzcocks
18) Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) - Concrete Blonde
19) Nightwatch - Guana Batz
20) Go Go Gorilla - Young Fresh Fellows
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